June 26th, 2009

Trailbiking in the Terra Alta, Spain, last weekend

cornering  uphill  resized3  Just had a brilliant weekend riding the trails with two friends from London, neither of them had been dirtbiking for several years due to work/city life. They were a little apprehensive at first but it soon all came back to them. We covered over 400 km in 2 days, across all types of terrain, from dried out river beds to steep mountain passes and sand dunes. red river resized3

The guys were blown away by the spectacular scenery, not to mention the KTM 530 EXC-Rs. These bikes are the perfect machines for long distance trailriding. Totally forgiving when you get it wrong and totally reliable. However they can bite back, as Andy found out to his cost (only a grazed elbow, but a souvenir to take home).  The guys will definitely be back next time they get a break from work.

chiringuito 4 resized3   Dave, www.trailbikespain.com

May 25th, 2009


May 16th, 2009

World MX Championship, Spanish leg

Heading over to the Spanish leg of the World Motocross Championships at Bel-Puig tomorrow. Hope the weather stays good as last year was a wash-out. The womens’ race will be very interesting.

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